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Self-learning beginners 0

  • 7 videos
  • 7 exercises

Self-learning beginners 0

  • 7 videos
  • 7 exercises


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This very first level of beginners is perfect for people who wish to either learn or improve their pronunciation in French. It will teach you the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, talk you through the different accents, teach you the combination of letters and silent letters. It will also suit anybody that is not a beginner and who wants to improve their pronunciation. Also available on a tutor-led format here.


The course follows this curriculum:

  • Les consonnes Preview
  • Exercises
  • Les voyelles
  • Exercises
  • Les accents
  • Exercises
  • La combinaison des lettres
  • Exercises
  • Les lettres muettes et les liens
  • Exercises
  • Les lettres avec des sons spéciaux
  • Exercises
  • L'alphabet
  • Exercises


The course is available as


Learn at your own pace, when and where it is convenient for you thanks to a combination of videos and interactive exercises.


Just you and your Anais and Co tutor. You can decide the days, the hours and the duration of the sessions. You will get 100% of your teacher's attention which will increase efficiency.
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