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Tutor-led beginners bundle

37 hours course

  • 30 reviews
  • One on one

Tutor-led beginners bundle

  • 37 hour course
  • 30 reviews


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The beginners bundle is perfect for anybody wishing to learn French from scratch or have some spare knowledge of the language. It will teach you or help you revise: the basics of the language, masculine, feminine and plural, how to build affirmative and negative sentences, how to conjugate verbs in the present tense, how to link and extend sentences, how to express preferences and quantities, how to ask questions… And a lot more. It will also suit anybody wishing to revise how to ask questions and the present continuous. Also available on a self-learning format here.


The course follows this curriculum:


The course is available as


Just you and your Anais and Co tutor. You can decide the days, the hours and the duration of the sessions. You will get 100% of your teacher's attention which will increase efficiency


Learn at your own pace, when and where it is convenient for you thanks to a combination of videos and interactive exercises.
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The course could be taught:


An Anais and Co tutor will deliver the course via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Face to face in London

An Anais and Co tutor will deliver the course in London, either at your place, your office, a public location or in one of our office. Subject to availability. Transport fees apply.

Services included

Anais and Co prides itself on delivering the best customer experience you can imagine. Being a beloved member, you will always receive the following:

  • Personal concierge to answer all questions and organise your lessons
  • Online folder where you find the notes your teacher is taking during your lessons
  • Expert curriculum
  • Anais&co proven method©


The course uses the following books:


The course has received reviews. Here are some of them:

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