Over 200 five stars reviews on Google
Over 200 five stars reviews on Google
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L’histoire d’Anaïs and Co


The past

Anaïs, the co-founder of Anais and Co is a 35-year-old, French native who grew up near Saint Tropez in the south of France. Since she was a little girl, she always wanted to be a teacher. In order to become one, she first needed to study a topic of her choice for several years before she could start her master’s degree in education. So she moved to Nice to go to university to study law, where she obtained a Master’s degree in criminal law. Soon after, she started her master’s degree in education. While she was studying, Anaïs worked in a school in Cannes to gain experience. It confirmed that teaching was what she really wanted to do.

After a while, it was time for her to learn something new. She loves to travel, discover new places, meet new people, and realise that being able to speak English was really helpful. So she decided that her interest in discovering new places should benefit her interest in learning new things. As she had always dreamed of speaking English, she decided to move to Bristol at the end of 2012 to realise her dream.

Once her English level was good enough she realised that with her qualification and her background, she could teach French to children and also adults. As her experience of learning English at school wasn’t great, she decided to focus on creating an enjoyable way of learning French through dynamic, fun and rewarding lessons. During that time teaching, she had the opportunity to develop her own teaching material, which follows a logical progression in learning the language. She also started to write the books Anais and Co team is using today.

The present

Anais and Co grew from a one-person side project to a team of full-time staff. The business is managed by husband and wife Gregoire and Anais. She is in charge of the company’s academic side while Greg is in charge of the operations. They are helped by a team of brilliant people. Anais and Co is delivering French lessons in person in London, Paris, Brussels, and online lessons to thousands of students worldwide.

The future

Anais and Co ambition is to be synonymous with serious learning language worldwide. Savoir-faire and method with a touch of fun to make their beloved student speak the languages of their dreams. We plan to widen the face to face teaching locations and create more online courses.