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Les couleurs

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Masculine Feminine English
Jaune Jaune Yellow
Vert Verte Green
Rouge Rouge Red
Bleu Bleue Blue
Violet Violette Purple
Orange Orange Orange
Noir Noire Black
Marron Marron Brown
Rose Rose Pink
Blanc Blanche White
Gris Grise Grey
Beige Beige Beige

Agreement rules

Feminine masculine

Colours are adjectives, so you must use the masculine form of the colour if the noun is masculine and its feminine form if it is feminine.

Une fleur violette A purple flower

Un téléphone noir A black telephone

When the colour has no feminine form, we use the masculine for both masculine and feminine nouns.

Une fleur rose A pink flower

Un téléphone rose A pink telephone


To turn the masculine and feminine forms of the colours into the plural, simply add a silent “s” at the end of the colour.

Des arbres verts Green trees

Des pommes vertes Green apples

“Des” means “some.”

Some colours are invariable and will not change in the plural or in the feminine form, like “marron” or “orange.” There are more colours following this rule, mainly when the colours are coming from fruits or others and exist as a noun.

Des chaussures marron Brown shoes

Position in a sentence

Colours, like many other French adjectives, usually go after the noun they qualify; which is the opposite of the English rule.

Une table blanche A white table

Simple tones

Tones can be added to the colour. In a sentence, the colour goes before the tone; which is the opposite of the English rule.

French English
Foncé Dark
Clair Light

Vert foncé Dark green

Orange clair Light orange

When you use a colour and a tone together, they must be in the singular masculine form even if the noun they qualify is feminine or plural.

Une robe vert foncé A dark green dress

Des chaussures bleu clair Light blue shoes

When a colour, a tone, and a noun are used together, the noun goes first, followed by the colour and the tone.

Une fleur rouge clairA light red flower

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