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Les lettres avec des sons spéciaux

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Silent or aspirated “h”?

Non-compulsory links

The “h” will be silent when the article in front of it is “l’.” In this case, we consider the “h” to be silent, and we use the “z” link with “des” or “les.”

L’hôtel Les (z)hôtels.

The aspirated “h”

The “h” will be aspirated when the article in front of it is “le” or “la.” In this case, we can’t consider the “h” to silent, and we can’t link it with “des” or “les.”

Le haricot Les haricots.

S or z sound?

“Z” sound

When there is one “s” between two vowels, it sounds like a “z.”

Hésiter To hesitate “ey-zee-tey.”

“S” sound

When there are two “s” between two vowels, they sound like an “s.”

Assez Enough “ah-sey.”

“ey” sound?

On top of all the combinations of letters making the sound “ey,” it is possible to obtain it when:

The letter “e” is before an “s”

Esprit Spirit. “ey-ss-pree.”

The letter “e” is before an “x”

Excuse-moi Excuse me. “ey-ss-cuz-mwa.”

The letter “e” is before a double consonant

Angleterre England. “on-gluh-tey-rr.”

“y” sound?

When the letter “y” is stuck between two vowels it will be used twice, once with each vowel to create a sound.

Nettoyer “ney-twa-yeah.”

Ennuyer “on-nwee-yeah.”

Payer “pey-yeah.”

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