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Les moyens de transport

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French English
Une voiture A car   
Un vélo A bike
Un scooter A scooter (with an engine)
Une moto A motorbike
Un autobus A bus
Un autocar A coach
Un taxi A taxi
Un bateau A boat
Un ferry A ferry
Un train A train
Le TER The regional express train
Le TGV The high-speed train
Un avion An airplane
Le tramway The tramway
Le métro The underground
Un skateboard A skateboard
Les rollers The roller-blades
La trottinette The scooter (without an engine)
Un camion A truck or a lorry
Un camping car A camper van
Une mobylette A moped
Une montgolfière A hot-air balloon
Les transports publics (m) The public transports
Les transports en commun (m) The public transports

In the spoken language, “un skateboard” is shortened to “un skate,” “un autobus” to “un bus,” “un autocar” to “un car” and “un tramway” to “un tram.”

“En” is used with transports to translate “by” with movement verbs and it replaces “le, la, l’, les” and “un, une, des”.

Je vais au bureau en bus I go to the office by bus

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