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Les grands nombres

This video is part of our course beginners 1

In this French video lesson, Anais presents the big numbers in French. From how to form them to how to write them and so much more. You can find this video as well as practice exercises in our free course beginners 1


Numbers French English
100 Cent (One) hundred
1,000 Mille (One) thousand
1,000,000 Un million One million
1,000,000,000 Un milliard One billion

Writing rules


“Cent” means “hundred” and also “one hundred,” we don’t say “un cent,” but from two, we can start adding a number before “cent.” When there are no other numbers after the word “cent,” it takes a silent “s;” every time is it more than one hundred.

Cent One hundred

Deux cents Two hundred

Trois cent trente Three hundred and thirty


“Mille” means “thousand” and also “one thousand,” we don’t say “un mille” but from two, we can start adding a number before “mille.” “Mille” is invariable and can’t take an “s” when it is more than one thousand.

Mille One thousand

Deux mille Two thousands

Trois mille huit cents Three thousand eight hundred

Million and billion

It is absolutely fine to write and say “un million” and “un milliard.” They will take a silent “s” every time it is more than one.

Un million One million

Deux milliards Two billion

Counting or saying big numbers

In French and English, we count big numbers the same way. The only exception is that in French, we don’t translate “and.”

Mille cinq cent soixante (1,560) One thousand five hundred and sixty

Six cent quatre-vingt (680) Six hundred and eighty

Counting or saying years

In French, unlike in English, we read years as big numbers.

Deux mille dix-huit (2018) Two thousand and eighteen

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