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Les coordonnees

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Phone number

In French, “phone number” is “numéro de téléphone.” In France, phone numbers have ten digits, and the two first digits have to be called separately. The other digits have to be called in twos.

06 70 30 11 20 Zéro; six; soixante dix; trente; onze; vingt.

Every time there is a number starting with “0,” the “0” must be called separately.

06 15 02 11 05 Zéro; six; quinze; zéro; deux; onze; zéro; cinq.

If your telephone number has more than 10 digits, like in the UK for example, try to make as many pairs as you can and avoid leaving a single digit on his own at the end of your telephone number. It is better to include that last digit into a bigger number.

07 92 73 00 345

When you are giving your telephone number to someone who doesn’t live in your country, you need to include the country code. For the UK, it is “+44” and for France, it is “+33”. When you include the country code, you need to drop your first zero, and then you might be able to have only pairs in your telephone number.

+44 79 27 30 03 45


General things

In French, “address” is “adresse.” In France, the postcode is the same for a whole city, town, or village. So, giving the house number and the name of the street is really important. The postcode is used to send letters or parcels, for the satnav and if you have to write your full address.

15 rue du jardin, 06000, Nice.

General things

The two first digits are the area code, and the three last digits are the city, the town, or the village code. As a result, the two first digits must be read or said first as a number, followed by a short pause, before reading or saying the three last digits as a big number.

83990 quatre-vingt-trois / neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix

83 Le Var

990 Saint-Tropez

If the first digit is a “0”, it must be read or said separately and then followed by the second digit, short pause, and the three last digits read or said as a big number.

06800 Zéro six / huit cents

When the three last digits are three “0”, we read them as “mille”

06000 Zéro six / mille

98000 Quatre-vingt-dix-huit / mille

When there is a “0”, you need to read it.

69009 Soixante-neuf / zéro zéro neuf

Email address

In French, an email address is “adresse email.” These signs can be found in an email address:

. → Point.
@ → Arobase.
! → Point d’exclamation.
- → Tiret du six.
_ → Tiret du bas.

“marie tiret du six legrand tiret du bas un arobase hotmail point com.”

“Hotmail” is pronounced “ot-mail” and “Gmail” is pronounced “jey-mail.”

“com” and “co” are pronounced the same in French. But “uk” is pronounced by saying each letter of the French alphabet separately.

“tiret du six” got its name from its location on French keyboards.

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