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Les formes

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A square
"Un carré"
A triangle
"Un triangle"
A circle / a ring
"Un cercle"
A rectangle
"A rectangle"
A heart
"Un coeur"
A diamond
"Un losange"
An oval
"Un ovale"
A cross
"Une croix"
A star
"Une étoile"

“Losange” is the name for the shape not the name of the stone.

To use these nouns to describe the shape of objects we usually, add the words “en forme de” in front of the shape. “De” doesn’t change.

Un ballon en forme d’étoile.

For certain shapes, we prefer to use the adjective to describe the shape of objects. For “cercle” we will use “rond(e)”, for “triangle,” “triangulaire”, and for “rectangle” “rectangulaire.”

For “carré” and “ovale” we do not change anything.

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