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Les instruments musicaux

This video is part of our course beginners 1

French English
Le piano The piano
La batterie The drums
La flûte The recorder
La guitare The guitar
Le violon The violin
La basse The bass
La harpe The harp
Les maracas (f) The maracas
Les castagnettes (f) The castanets
La trompette The trumpet
Le trombone The trombone
Le triangle The triangle
Le saxophone The saxophone
Le violoncelle The cello
La contrebasse The double bass
L'harmonica (m) The harmonica
Le xylophone The xylophone
Les cymbales (f) The cymbals
L'accordéon (m) The accordion
Le hautbois The oboe
L'orgue (m) The organ
Le tambour The drum
La clarinette The clarinet
Le banjo The banjo
Le ukulélé The ukulele
Le tambourin The tambourine
La cornemuse The bagpipes
Le djembé The djembe

Some words, like in this list start with an “h” and are preceded by “le”, “la”, or “l’”. If the “h” is aspirated, “le” or “la” must be used and if the “h” is silent, “l’” needs to be used. For more information see “silent letters and links” at the beginning of this book.

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